“We believe that love, indeed, is ALWAYS found in the details.”

Throughout the past twenty years, we’ve weathered the many ups and downs of the economy, the influx of hundreds of wineries in Paso, and the challenges of being a small, family winery – but we have never deviated from our passion and pursuit of excellence. We adamantly pursue enticing nothing but the best wines possible from our vineyard. We care deeply about every step of the process – from pruning, harvesting, bottling and absolutely everything in between. No detail is left unnoticed. Our intention is that each of these fine details fully reveal themselves to you in every single bottle we produce.

As we continue in our journey, now with two sons added to the mix, we work harder than ever to give each vintage the time, attention, and pursuit of perfection it deserves. We feel blessed to create wines that enhance some of life’s most simple pleasures. It is what gets us up in the morning and sparks those crazy ideas in the middle of the night.

We’d like to raise a glass to everyone who has helped our dreams take root and prosper. Here’s a toast to dreams, passion, details, and the never-ending quest for them all!




Brock graduates Cal Poly with a degree in Ag Business.


Brock and Michelle meet while living in Sacramento and enjoy many dates wine tasting in nearby Napa Valley. Spending time together amongst the vines and wines, it wasn’t long before the dream of owning a vineyard of their own quickly blossomed in both their minds.


Missing the San Luis Obispo area, Brock is eager to return to the Central Coast.  With a dream firmly in their hearts, they searched on the west side of Paso for two years until finally finding 20 acres tucked away on a steep hillside.  The purchase officially established their foray into the wine industry when there were less than 30 wineries in town.  Keeping their day jobs, they came home every night and tended to the nearly 15,000 newly planted vines.  Youth and inexperience brought a naïveté to the amount of work ahead of them – but they persevered.


A fortuitous “El Nino” weather pattern brought so much rain and the newly planted vines grew so vigorous that they ended up bearing a tiny first crop, thus the very first vintage of Brochelle (Brock + Michelle) was born.   The first crop was harvested, and the 1998 vintage produced a mere 50 cases – a few bottles of which still exist in their private cellar collection to this day.


Brock and Michelle are married in the middle of their vineyard.  Their first vintage of wine was served in a huge double-magnum at the reception, and life as husband and wife officially began.



The family grows by one, as the Waterman’s welcome their first son, Braden into the world.  Braden surprised everyone with his size at birth – 9 pounds – and a soon-to-come-true prediction of great height by his doctors.  He stands at 6’4 today, and basketball and football are amongst his many passions.



The family of four is complete with the birth of second son, Bryson.  Bryson was in a hurry to enter the world, and that still holds true to this day.  He is always in a rush to experience all that life has to offer, and he has added so many talents to his repertoire so far.



After being one of the first boutique wineries in the area to sell their wines exclusively online, the Waterman’s followed that up by finally opening their first location to taste their wines.  Blazing the trail that many wineries have since followed – they established a tasting “lounge” in an urban setting in an industrial complex close to downtown.


The milestone of 20 years in business was celebrated in big fashion at a very special winemaker’s dinner on September 21, 2018.   Upon reflection of the last 2 decades, there have been so many amazing friends made, and unforgettable experiences all along the way.  This is not a business, but a lifestyle that continues to fuel the passion that was started back in 1998.


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